SAPTAK – Social Action for Prevention of Tobacco Addiction




This is web-place for all those who have never tested tobacco in their life.

  • This place is for those who wish to help others, especially youngsters, to remain away from tobacco and from other deadly addictions.
  • We, all at SAPTAK, intend to achieve this by way of creating a kind of positive peer pressure to stick to clean habits.
  • For the benefit of entire cross-section of the society we are not limiting this space for a particular language. Initially content in English, मराठी and हिंदी will be published. In future as the more cross-section will become active, material from more languages may be added.

So, all are welcome…

Co-coordinator SAPTAK, Sharadmani Marathe, Office No. 5-6, Poorti,
135, Senapati Bapat Marg, Matunga Road (WR), Mumbai – 400016
Call 91-22-24308629/ 91-22-24325907, Cell No. 9324860050
Email –

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